Cycling Bargains - Assos Zegho Werkmannschaft Performance Sunglasses - Just 1 Remaining.

Assos Zegho Werkmannschaft Performance Sunglasses - Just 1 Remaining.

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Product Description

Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens partnership Lenses are the fundamental component of eyewear, so the ASSOS technical brief was clear: best in class. So, we had only one choice, Carl Zeiss Vision. For little ASSOS to develop a partnership with the company that created the lens used to photograph man’s first footstep on the moon was not an easy task. But cycling unites! We asked the impossible of Zeiss and they succeeded, creating a lens with maximum field of view without optical distortion. Assos TV Tunnel View Lens Technology Carl Zeiss Vision TV-Tunnel View lens technology. Custom made for Zegho. TV-Tunnel View is an advanced, cycling specific production process that features a tint on the top two thirds of the lens with a very short transition to totally transparent on the lower part of the lens. The Transparent area still provides UV protection. This unique feature allows you to instantly respond to rapidly changing light conditions without removing your glasses, simply dip or raise your head to look through the right area of your lens. TV view protects you from the blinding reflections from water or passing traffic and also from the sudden changes in light conditions when entering and exiting tunnels and covered spaces. This eliminates the vulnerable period of reduced vision as your eyes adjust at high speed for a safer ride in all conditions. 180VF The curvature of the zegho lens is the most extreme that Zeiss produces, it offers a complete 180° field of vision without inhibiting any of your peripheral view. This lets you ‘feel’ your surroundings for a free, safe and enriched cycling experience. ZOD.Tec The Zegho lens has been certified as optical class one: Zero Optical Distortion. The lens provides a completely un-altered view of your surroundings giving you an accurate perception of the positions of any obstacles in your environment. It also reduces fatigue and eyestrain headaches for a more comfortable riding experience. 27.5 G Superleggera Zegho has been engineered to weight only 27.5 grams, this incredible lightness lets you forget you’re wearing them and focus solely on your ride. ClickFace ClickFace is an adaptive material used in the three contact points that ensures a stable fit in intense cycling conditions. The nose piece can be shaped in all directions to perfectly conform to the bridge of your nose for an even and comfortable fit even under the constant vibration of the cycling environment. The ClickFace material is not only resistant to corrosion from the acidity of perspiration, it actively responds, providing increase adhesion for absolute security. Zeropressure The shape and materials used to produce Assos Zegho have been developed to work in harmony for an outstanding fit on all head shapes without pressure points. The adaptive ultraflex composite frame is mathematically designed to use the properties of the shape and characteristics of the material to produce an incredible fit that contours and conforms to your head for total comfort on long distance rides. Ri.Pel A hydrophobic lens treatment which sheds water drops and uses the momentum to clear debris from the lens for self-cleaning in wet conditions. How to Wear Zegho features two more ASSOS inventions: clickFace and zeropressure technologies. Proadaptive skin-Touch material, combined with an adaptive, ultraflex composite frame in a design that perfectly balances the ratio of material to shape and function, provides you with a perfect fit. Simply put them on and they “click” onto your face. No longer do you need to adjust the temples over or around your ears to get a good fit. Simply position Zegho one or two centimetres above your ears and the adaptive materials selfadjust to your unique anatomy, eliminating uncomfortable pressure while staying firmly in place. As well, the zegho nosepiece is designed to contour to the shape of your nose. You can, and should, carefully form it to the bridge of your nose to achieve a perfect, comfortable fit.

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