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Scienceinsport Pre-90 - 85g (Lime Cola)

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Scienceinsport Pre-90 - 85g (Lime Cola)

Product Description

Why Choose? Energy Caffeine Best before: 31/07/21 About PRE-90Advanced matchday energy loader to be consumed in the build up to a match to boost carbohydrate storesWhy do I need this? Footballers need to take on approximately 8-10g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight the day before a game to be fully fuelled at kick-off. However research has shown that academy footballers are under-fuelled by on average 200g of carbohydrate before each match, meaning they risk running out of energy in the last 20 minutes. PRE-90 is the ideal carbohydrate loading drink, helping footballers to easily increase their carbohydrate intake. Research in team sports has shown that Nitrates can boost blood flow so that muscles can work harder for longer, helping to improve sprint performance. PRE-90 provides 500mg of nitrates per serving.What are the benefits? Two servings of PRE-90 the day before a game and one with a pre-match breakfast will provide 225g of carbs, ensuring you’ll be fully fuelled for your match. The addition of 500mg nitrates per serving may boost repeated sprint performance in the match, when taken the day before a game. When do I use it?Consume 2 x PRE-90 servings between meals the day before a game or before training to increase carbohydrate intake. Consume an additional serving with breakfast on the morning of a match.