Cycling Bargains - The Protein Works™ Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar in 2 Flavours - Comes in box of 9,18 or 27. - No Code required.

The Protein Works™ Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar in 2 Flavours - Comes in box of 9,18 or 27. - No Code required.

Added 21 November, 2020 from The Protein Works UK.

Product Description

The Protein Works™ Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar - It's Official! #1 Vegan Protein Bar - Women's Running Magazine, 2020 Our Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar has been thoughtfully designed to balance your conscience and your cravings. It's fully plant based and purposefully palm oil free. It's also low in sugar, high in protein & high in fibre, keeping you fuller for longer in less than 200 cals a bar*. Free from gluten, preservatives and containing zero artificial flavours and colours it also uses only natural sweeteners. Yet it’s still been crafted to deliver a 'ridiculous' multi-layered experience of a biscuit dough, nuts and caramel body, smothered in plant based chocolate & smattered with high protein crispies. It’s quite simply a vegan bar like no other. - What Is Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar? Named after the countless reactions we’ve seen from people after they try this nifty plant-based protein snack - this is a vegan bar designed with zero compromise in mind; a gift for your conscience and your cravings. Ridiculous by its very nature, this bar technically shouldn’t be possible! Combine these features as standard in every single bar, and you start to understand why it’s Ridiculous!... Fully plant based Purposely palm oil free Minimised environmental impact High protein & less than 1g of sugar High in fibre to keep you fuller for longer Less than 200cals a bar* Completely gluten free Zero artificial flavours, colours or preservatives Naturally sweetened PLUS killer in taste, with multi layerings of indulgence - What Are The Benefits? Short answer - zero compromise! Zero compromise for the mind, the body and the taste buds. You’re grabbing this bar each day with a grin on your chops because you know, guilt free, conscience clear - it’s right for you and the planet. Actively work to minimise your impact on the environment because this bar is… 100% Vegan, so it reduces manufacturing drains on the environment by using sustainable plant based ingredients. 100% Palm Oil Free, so it protects rainforests and animal health & habitats by defunding palm oil production. Made to Reduce Food Waste - hand balanced portion sizes, mean you don’t ‘over consume’ food from the planet. We taste tested different sized bars in the innovation and found that in general, bars bigger than 50g create waste or consumption without benefit. So we decided to create a 47.5g bar in a handy 9 pack paper based box.