Cycling Bargains - Santini Sleek 776 2019 S Blue / Airy (INN8862378)

Santini Sleek 776 2019 S Blue / Airy

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Available from BikeInn.

Product Description

The Sleek 776 trisuit is anatomically cut to complement the female form. Constructed with the exclusive Acquazero light fabric by Sitip for optimal performance during the swim session. Featuring open back, internal front lining for extra covering and a special closure system with a bra like hook to adjust the suit to your curves. Extremely fast drying for improved bike performance. Lightweight, UVA and UVB rays resistant and completely breathable to keep you cool during the run. Raw cut elastic leg grippers with honeycomb silicon grips on the inside of the legs cover the muscles like a second skin without constraining. Anti-abrasion stitching avoids discomfort. Extremely comfortable and easy to wear thanks to the hook closure on the back, which closes and can be adjusted to your curves like a bra. The GTR chamois has a silicone gel core with strong anti-shock properties, covered with a thin fabric shield. It weighs just 42g and doesn´t absorb water so it doesn´t grow in dimension or weight during the swim or cause irritation in the ride, and is discreet in the run. Plus an antibacterial and anti-irritation microfibre layer in contact with the skin that ensures maximum comfort on the saddle, even for ultra-endurance events.Swim Fast, Dry Quick:- Exclusive Acquazero fabric, repels water and dries fastNew Customizable Fit System:- Adjust the fit of the upper body to your needs with our special closure systemNon-Absorbent Chamois Gtr:- chamois with gel core for comfort without water-absorbanceGTR:- GTR is the Santini chamois designed to cope with the unique demands of triathlons, wear wet clothing is worn for cycling. Made of a thin layer of silicone gel with strong anti-shock properties, it weighs less than 42g and doesn't absorb water - so it doesn't grow in dimension or weight during the swim. Placed in contact with the skin is an antibacterial and anti-irritation microfibre layer that ensures maximum comfort on the saddle.

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