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BikeInn Q36.5 Sun&air Arm Warmers Blue M-L Man

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BikeInn Q36.5 Sun&air Arm Warmers Blue M-L Man

Product Description

Much in the same way as the Salopette L1 is the rigorous teacher of perfectly efficient pedaling (and the Vented the tool for days in which you want to take the leash off your carefully trained explosiveness) the original Q36.5 pre-shape arm and leg warmers are extreme garments, made from high density woven micro filaments while these Sun&Air covers, on the other hand, are softer, easier pieces of cycling clothing equipment which can be used in a higher temperature range.Seamlessly knitted with 60% polypropylene, 30% polyamide, 10% elastane 60 g XS - S, M - L, XL - XXL + 18°C 094.1 White, 094.2 Black, 094.7 Titanium, 094.9 Navy Pre shaped fit a polypropylene-polyamideelastane thread, they are calibrated less for windblocking as they are for additional thermal protection, and fast wicking and drying on early departing or late finishing summer rides.Their 50+SBF protection also makes them an idea accessory for those who ride in climates that demand full body high UVprotection throughout the ride.

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