Cycling Bargains - Inno Bike Brush Equipment 12 Units One Size Black (INN10461530)

Inno Bike Brush Equipment 12 Units One Size Black

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Inno Bike Brush Equipment 12 Units One Size Black

Product Description

105 High Tech KETTENFLUID contains extremely penetrating detergent substances to get into the tightest fits, such as chain inner bearings or drive bushings. The particles deposited between the rubbing surfaces inside the chain are dissolved and rinsed out. Also externally the drive is cleaned of dirt, resin residues and other deposits. The cleaning component of 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID evaporates within 4 to 6 hours.Instructions For Use:- Application cycle: 150 to 300 km, depending on the terrain and weather conditions- Application after the ride. Observe exposure time of 4 to 6 hours. 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID works overnight- No spray mist when using the brush- Avoid contact with brakes of any kind, possible loss of braking force- 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID infiltrates moisture, so the chain can be used immediately after washing the bikeStep-By-Step Instructions:- By using the brush attachment, apply 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID to the small sprocket in the rear- Turn the pedals backwards in freewheel mode and spray continuously until 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID drips at the large bottom bracket sprocket- Allow 4 to 6 hours to take effect. During this time, the cleaner contained in the fluid is evaporating and a thin, non-abrasive lubricating film remains on the chain- Application by using the capillary tube is ideal for all cables, bearings and moving parts. Removes resin residues and dirt - sluggishness is eliminatedInteresting Facts:- The use of the brush enhances the penetration and capillary effect. This guarantees a significantly better dirt removal through additional mechanical cleaning. At the same time the spray mist is minimized.- Application by using the capillary tube is ideal for all cables, bearings and other moving parts. In the case of guides, brake and shift cables as well as bottom bracket and roller bearings, resin residues, dirt and sluggishness are immediately removed. We recommend the brush attachment for application on the chain.Features:- Cleans down to the smallest sprocket- Lubricates and lubricates and lubricates- Resolves what does not belong on the chain- Protects even the weakest link in the chain

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