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Northwave Razer MTB Shoes 2021

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Northwave Razer MTB Shoes 2021

Product Description

Northwave Razer MTB Shoes - 2020 - Northwave Razer MTB Shoes - 2021 Lightweight and breathable protection that cuts through the toughest of the trail with ease, the Razer MTB Shoes from Northwave supports you across all sorts of ground. Northwave’s Razer MTB Shoes make the most of the brand’s Biomap Unibody tech to give you the very best fit possible. The upper half of this footwear features micro-perforations for sweat-wicking breathability that helps keep you cool alongside protective inserts that do away with pressure marks for good, alongside elasticity and plenty of comfort. This works particularly well with the patented SLW 2 system closure, a dialled system that allows you to improve the fit in an instant. Perhaps most impressive here however is the XC 10 sole that gives you the finest support in and out of the pedals. Not only does the ultra-stiff compound keep the most sensitive areas of your feet well protected and allow highly effective power transfer, but perfectly positioned studs grip to any surface and easily extend the shelf life of the Razer. Specification: XC 10 sole with stiffness index 10.0. Strategically placed TPU inserts ensure high traction and abrasion resistance Unibody construction blends large mesh inserts in strategic areas with ultra-thick reinforced materials. The result is unrivalled breathability and targeted stability The decentralized lacing removes pressure on the back of the foot ensuring optimal winding The TPU thermo-welded reinforcements on the toe and heel increase protection SLW2 rotor combined with 1 strap the only one with release step-by-step and complete in a single button Performance Regular insole for increased foot support