Cycling Bargains - Shimano CM-2000 Action Sports Camera - 1080p

Shimano CM-2000 Action Sports Camera - 1080p

Was £239.99, NOW £64.99 (73% OFF)

Added 13 December, 2017 from ProBikeKit.

Product Description

The Shimano Sports Camera has high-specifications to meet the needs of each rider. This high-end model works with ANT sensors in your cycling computer. Automatically record only the scenes you want by linking with various ANT sensors, GPS and DI2 wireless unit. Start recording without touching any buttons! Link the SHIMANO SPORTs CAMERA with various ANT sensors and DI2 wireless unit, pre-set the value range to automatically record. You can program to record only the scenes that you want without reaching for the camera keeping you focused on the ride. Optimal for long riding! As only scenes to keep are recorded, the battery is saved, and important scenes can be recorded without omission even on a long ride. Batteries can be changed with CM-2000, enabling even longer recording. No time-consuming editing necessary! Monotonous scenes are also recorded in normal recording, so time-consuming editing was required.Only necessary scenes are recorded in the pinpoint recording, so subsequent editing is not needed. The design is suitable for riding. The compact body shape is less resistant to air. It has been designed to have a flat and slim body in order to minimize wind resistance of the bicycle. We are also committed to pursue simplicity in the function in operation so that you can concentrate on riding. Rain and dust resistant Waterproof and dust-proof performance that does not require any box. This camera has a sealing structure that prevents sudden and hard rain from infiltrating and stands mud at off-road riding. Clearly record off-road riding This camera has a image stabilizer function to continue recording images easy to see even with vibrations due to significant movements at dancing and uneven, off-road surface. The sensation of the riding is captured vividly, and images that communicate the excitement and enjoyment are recorded. Record beautiful scenery in the dusk This camera can record locations and time of the day with low amount of light, such as a road in the dusk when the sun has started to set or a forest road with thick vegetation. The landscape and your friends are imaged clearly, recording the memorable scene vividly. Use your smartphone as the camera LCD iOS

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