Cycling Bargains - CatEye Lighting, Accessories and Computers - Get up to 40% off at the Summer Sales + extra 10% off for Newsletter signup + FREE postage over £15 purchase.

<b>CatEye Lighting</b>, Accessories and Computers - Get up to 40% off at the Summer Sales + extra 10% off for Newsletter signup + FREE postage over £15 purchase.

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Added 8 June, 2024 from CatEye Cycling.

CatEye Lighting, Accessories and Computers - Get up to 40% off at the Summer Sales + extra 10% off for Newsletter signup + FREE postage over £15 purchase.

Product Description

CatEye Cycling - Get 20% off RRP on any product onsite use Code CAT20OFF at checkout - Expiry 30th November. --- WELCOME TO CATEYE CatEye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, lights and reflectors to cyclists in the world. Founded in 1954 in Osaka, Japan, CatEye has always been a leader in innovation and technology. In 1964, CatEye created the first flashing lamp for bicycles. CatEye went on to create the very first bicycle head lamp using white LEDs in 2001. The company is truly a world leader in lens and reflector technology. CatEye's first cycle computer was released in 1981. Now we offer a full range of computers to meet the demands of cyclists around the globe. Always at the cutting edge of technology, we were among the first companies to integrate altimeter, heart rate, and cadence technology into cycle computers. -- PRODUCT INFORMATION PROPER USE THIS UNIT IS INTENDED FOR USE WITH COLD WATER ONLY! DO NOT USE HOT WATER IN THIS PRESSURE WASHER. Operate the pressure washer at no more than the fluid pressure rated for the pressure washer. Never run the pressure washer without a water supply. Running the unit without a water supply will cause irreparable damage to the unit. Make sure that the water supply you use for the pressure washer is not dirty, sandy, and does not hold any corrosive chemical products. Using a dirty water supply will compromise the long life of the pressure washer. NEVER move the unit by pulling on the hose. Use the handle provided on the top of the unit. IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS: Never point the pressure nozzle at people or animals. Never drink alcohol or use drugs while operating the pressure washer. Never operate the pressure washer while standing in water. Never touch the electrical plug with wet hands. Never let electrical connections rest in water. Never operate pressure washer without the water turned on. Never use hot water with this pressure washer. IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WARNING: When using this product, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: Read all instructions before using the product. Please keep all safety instructions. Do not operate the pressure washer when fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Risk of injection or injury – do not direct the water stream at people or animals. Do not allow children to operate the pressure washer at any time. To reduce the risk of injury, please take extra care when the pressure washer is used near children. Know how to stop the unit and reduce pressure immediately. Be completely familiar with the controls. Stay alert – always be aware of where you are directing the spray. Keep cleaning area clear of people. Keep a good footing and balance at all times – do not overreach or stand on an unstable surface. The work area should have adequate drainage to reduce the possibility of a fall due to slippery surfaces. Follow the maintenance instructions specified in this manual. To reduce the risk of electrocution, keep all connections dry and off the ground. Do not touch plug with wet hands. 2 YEAR WARRANTY For warranty information please visitour Terms & Conditions. Please Note: Please do not purchase an EU plug for use in the UK (and vise-versa). Operating the unit while using a plug adapter will make the product warranty null and void. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. CAN THE PRESSURE WASHER BE USED WITH A WATER CONTAINER? No, the Muc-Off Pressure Washer requires a mains water supply to work properly. 2. IS THE MUC-OFF SNOW FOAM LANCE COMPATIBLE WITH KARCHER PRESSURE WASHERS? The Snow Foam Lance is only designed to be used with our bespoke pressure washer so is not compatible with Karcher or any other pressure washer brand. 3. WHAT ARE THE TWO EXTRA BLACK FITTINGS AND THE CLEAR FITTINGS FOR? The clear fitting goes in the back of the pressure washer and black fittings are for the mains hosepipe.