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Clarks Pair Of Disc Brake Pads   Disc Brake Pads

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Clarks Pair Of Disc Brake Pads Disc Brake Pads

Product Description

Clarks have formed a global association with Carbone Lorraine, the world's largest disc brake manufacturer. In the last 100 years, they have continued to manufacture for the Aviation, Automotive, Motorcycle, Train and Cycle Industries.  Compatible with: VRX843 - Hayes Stroker Ryde, Stroker Dyno VRX808 - Magura Julie 2001-2008 VRX801 - Hope Mono 4, Mono 5; SRAM 9.0; Shimano XT M755, XT M756, XT M775 VRX811 - Clarks Clout 1, S2; TRP Spyre, Hylex; Tektro Auriga, Draco, Dorado, Orion, Aquila, HDC300; Shimano Deore BR-M515, Deore M475, Deore M525, Deore M465, Deore M495 VRX813 - Avid BB7, Juicy Ultimate, Juicy Carbon, Juicy 3, Juicy 5, Juicy 7, Juicy 7 Carbon; Clarks CMD-15 VRX814 - Hayes HFX1 to HFX9 VRX815 - Clarks Exo, Skeletal; Magura Marta 2002-2008, Marta SL VRX824 - Clarks HDB-540, HDB-600, HDB-790, CMD-24; Shimano XT M765, XTR M965, XTR M966, Hone M601, LX M585, LX M858 VRX833 - Formula Oro VRX841 - Avid Elixir CR, Elixir R, Elixir 1, Elixir 3, Elixir 5, Elixir 7; SRAM XX, XO VRX843 - Hayes Stroker Ryde and Stroker Dyno

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