Cycling Bargains - Wiggle UK and ROW Mavic Xmax Pro Rear MTB Wheel (Boost) Back Wheels (29628149515)

Wiggle UK and ROW Mavic Xmax Pro Rear MTB Wheel (Boost)   Back Wheels

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Wiggle UK and ROW Mavic Xmax Pro Rear MTB Wheel (Boost) Back Wheels

Product Description

Featuring a maxtal aluminium rim construction with SUP welding technology, this mountain bike (MTB) rear wheel offers a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional 6106 alloy. Thanks to its hookless, tubeless-ready rim profile, you'll also enjoy tubeless benefits such as superior traction on demanding mountain terrains, smoother rolling performance and fewer risks of flats or punctures. Coming equipped with 24 straight-pull, bladed, double-butted steel spokes, it provides an extra level of durability and robustness as you dominate your way from trail to trail. One final highlight is its 6-bolt disc brake compatibility, which ensures powerful and dependable braking operation wherever your next ride leads you. Additional Item Top Features: Tyre Compatibility: Hookless compatible UST Tubeless and tubetype Recommended Tyre Sizes: 36mm to 64mm (1.4" to 2.5") Valve Hole Diameter: 6.5mm Spoke Material: Zicral Spoke Shape: Straight-pull, bladed, double-butted Spoke Count: 24 Spoke Lacing: 2 cross Nipples: Fore integrated aluminium Wheel Hub Body: Aluminium Freewheel: Instant Drive 360 Freehub Compatibility: Multiple options available to select Axle Material: Aluminium Bearings: Auto adjust sealed cartridge bearings (QRM Auto) Brake Compatibility: 6-bolt disc brake Max Rider Weight: For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels doesn't exceed 120kg, bike included ASTM Category 3: Cross country and trail riding   Manufacturer's Part Numbers: LR2673100 Black 27.5" Shimano LR2674100 Black 27.5" SRAM XD

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