How Do You Ride Faster? – Tips for Building Speed on Your Bike.

Published on the 14th of October, 2018 by John P

How Do You Ride Faster? – Tips for Building Speed on Your Bike.


A question asked many times, there are so many answers that I’m left with one main mantra: Just Ride the Bike and enjoy it.

So let me give you a few suggestions : -

1. Ride More, Ride Often and with Others

If you’re already riding as much as you can your already doing the right thing. Your fellow riders might tell you to get a lighter bike. They might suggest you upgrade your Wheelset or Frame or any other part of the bike.  They may suggest Aero Clothing or get a Bike Fit etc etc. But after all is said and done, the true key to getting faster is to ride more. 

If you take the pro riders, they’re pretty fast. They average high speeds, and that’s up hill into a blizzard. They however get paid to ride, which makes them faster. They are provided the best light weight bikes and gear & it gives them an advantage because they’re already super fast.

I’m not saying the average rider won’t benefit from a carbon bike or an aero helmet, but upgrades alone won’t make you fast. The key is to jump on that bike and use any upgrades as often as you can.

Ideally if you can ride with people of all abilities, slower and faster than yourself. The faster ones will push you to work harder, and the slower ones will help build your confidence and useful for recovery rides..

2. Mix it up with Intervals

So now you’re riding more often, this needs to be mixed with some Interval training. For just 30 minutes effort you could see serious results in a short time. You can easily get interval workouts online for free. GCN has a great HIIT workout you might try. Just make sure you mix it up with proper rest days and other rides, otherwise, you’ll overtrain your body too much.

3. Use Your Gears 

Sometimes, you might fall behind because you’re trying to push a gear that’s too hard or to easy. Aiming for a high cadence or pedaling rate will help you to select gears that keep your legs fresh, but keep you moving fast.

4. Bonking is Bad

It might take you some trial and error, but make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition on and off the bike. Making sure you fuel and hydrate yourself for each training ride, experience will tell you what works for you and in what quantities.

5. Have Confidence in yourself

This is a very important point. You are awesome. You’re on your bike. You’re riding. Stick to your goals.