Cycling Bargains Dealfinder Search Guide & Tips

Published on the 3rd of January, 2023 by Cycling Bargains

Cycling Bargains Dealfinder Search Guide & Tips


We use an intelligent search engine (google like) to rapidly return relevant results from over 800,000 products, your search string must match "ALL" the words in the product description. If you have too many or few results or just can't find what your looking for, refine your search with more or less relevant search words. Try combinations of Brand, Model or expected keywords etc. You can search for any letter or number of 1 character or more.


Whole Words - The search only returns ‘whole’ word matches, so searching for "Chain" will not return "Chainset" or vice versa.. A word can be as long as required and as little as 1 character.


Alpha Numeric - You can type anything you want in the search box but the search will only match against Alpha or Numeric characters as any other characters you type in will be replaced by a space.. For example searching for “Six-Pack” will return matches for “Six-Pack” and “Six Pack” wherever the words appear in the product description. They don't need to be next to each other.


Case Insensitive - Upper or lower case in the search string makes no difference..


Special Characters - All special characters in search string are replaced by a space and matched against a space in the search index. Although special characters are visible in the product description displayed, these special characters are not stored in the search index so cannot be searched for.  


Numbers - Numbers can be search for separately, but follow the rule above in special characters. Searching for “12-25” will give results where a “12” and “25” appears in the product description. Keep results relevant by searching for “ Cassette 12-25”.


Variations - Always try variation to make sure you find the cheapest deal, for example search for “GP5000” or “GP 5000” or “Grand Prix 5000” or even “Gran Prix 5000” will give you different results as Merchants like Wiggle etc. provide their Product Descriptions differently, there is no standard across Merchants. Another example is “Dura Ace” and “Durace”


Merchant - The Merchant names are now included in the searchable product descriptions, so if you want to filter your results for “Cassettes” to only results from Chain Reaction then search for “Chain Reaction Cassettes”.


Plurals - We have taken care of this issue. If you search for “Sock” you will get results for “Sock” and or “Socks” and vice-versa.


Brand - is included in the product description and search index, so you can add the brand to filter search results if you wish. For example “Shimano Groupset” or SRAM Groupset”


Colours - Not all Merchants include Colour information in the product descriptions, you can search by colour but you may miss some results.


Sizes - Not all Merchants include Size information in the product descriptions, you can search by Size but you may miss some results. And also the sizes can be non standard, For example “3XL” or “XXXL”


Search Ordering - By default the search ordering is by discount, so the deals with the biggest discount are shown at the top. This is good but not all Merchants provide us with the discounts, so it's always worth ordering the results by the lowest price as well. This option can be found in the pull down menu next to the search box.